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Servo punch machine

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The servo press is driven by the servo motor to carry out the pressure assembly operation, and the pressure is directly transformed by the torque output of the servo motor. It is usually driven by a speed-regulating motor.

Precision CNC electronic press is a servo motor, its standby state, the motor is not rotating, and in the process of pressing, the speed is changing, the power is also changing. While the ordinary punch, the motor has been rotating in the standby process, which needs to consume a certain amount of electricity. It also rotates at a constant speed in the work, and the power consumption will be higher than that. Compared with the ordinary motor and the servo motor, the noise will be larger. The precision CNC electronic press can set arbitrary multi-stroke speed, accurate displacement stop, accurate stop in place, accurate arrival pressure stop and so on within a certain range. The ordinary hydraulic press is affected by the sealing of the pipeline and the valve body and the cylinder block, so it is impossible to have a high precision control, and many of them are realized by means of mechanical limit, if they want to be close to the precision of electronic press control.

Servo punch machine
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