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The structure of the closed punch is O-shaped, which is welded by steel plate, and then subjected to annealing and vibration aging to eliminate the internal force. The crankshaft adopts double gear four-stage transmission, the transmission force is more stable and stable, and the eccentric load is strong. The sliding block adopts ultra-wide fixed lock eight-sided fine grinding guide rail, with high guiding accuracy; Electric adjustment mold height, easy to operate. The separation clutch brake, high torque, low danger torque, especially for heavy load use effect is better, Taiwan made automatic cycle oil loading machine, no oil supply immediately stop, and with overload protection load, so that the machine can get better protection.The structure characteristics of the closed punch are as follows:

1, the closed bed closed bed structure bearing capacity is large, is widely used in large and medium-sized punch bed structure.

2. Eccentric gear type crank mechanism is adopted. This mechanism is cast with eccentric shaft on the last stage gear, and the connecting rod is set on the eccentric shaft. When the gear rotates, the eccentric R of the eccentric shaft forms the "crank", which drives the connecting rod to reciprocate.

3. Multi-stage transmission The transmission system of the closed punch is generally arranged as three or four levels of transmission, and there are upper transmission and lower transmission.

4, the length of the connecting rod can be adjusted.

5. Friction clutch and brake are adopted.

6, to balance the large weight of the connecting rod slider part with the balancer, prevent the slider from falling due to its own weight, and make the punch work smoothly.

7, generally equipped with air cushion or hydraulic air cushion, used for unloading and pressing, etc.

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