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Reduce Roll Forging Machine
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Reduce Roll Forging Machine

Reduce Roll Forging Machine supplier china
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Equipment main structure introduction and performance


1. The main structure


  1. All gears adopt a closed type transmission and are made of 40Cr forged, tempered and single tooth high frequency.
  2. The material of the roller is high-frequency precision grinding of the

         40Cr forging head, and the service life is generally 50 million rotations in the loaded state.

  1. Gear meshing accuracy and gear oil lubrication conditions are guaranteed (All internal gears are double-lubricated with a gear oil pump. When the equipment is started, the oil path is automatically linked and lubricated.
  2. Lubrication of transmission parts Automatic lubricating oil pump is used (divided into two groups: regular lubrication and non-stop lubrication). Lubrication pump has long service life and low transmission noise.
  3. The roll forging frame adopts a closed type and is provided with a pre-tightening device, which not only has high product accuracy but also has stable technology.
  4. The roll can be easily and accurately adjusted radially.
  5. The work stand and the gear box are separately and independently arranged, the equipment is safe and reliable, the lubrication of all gear parts is guaranteed, and the maintenance is convenient.
  6. The mold adopts 5CrNiMo or H13 electroslag remelting material, which has high service life. The installation of bolts fixed type, easy to install and adjust, each replacement of the mold time does not exceed 30 minutes.
  1. The air brake part adopts the friction block type clutch structure, and it is equipped with its own safe gas storage tank, and adopts pneumatic double safety valve to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  2. The fuselage adopts 45 # cast steel, the overall low-temperature failure treatment, to ensure that the device body is not deformed all the year round, to prevent deformation of the device's fastening joints, to ensure the fuselage and manipulator key precision parts of the joint size.
Reduce Roll Forging Machine supplier china
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