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SD series cold and hot hot forging hydraulic press


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SD series cold and hot hot forging hydraulic press

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SD series cold and hot hot forging hydraulic press

Product introduction


The SD series cold, warm and hot forging hydraulic press of Zibo Sander Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. adopts a three-beam, four-column frame structure, good overall rigidity, X-rail guidance, high guidance accuracy, and little heat influence. The warm forging hydraulic press is mainly used for the forging process of metal at a temperature lower than the recrystallization temperature. At this time, the process quality and accuracy of the forging are relatively good. The hydraulic machine body adopts a rigid frame structure that can withstand eccentric loads; the slider guide adopts X-shaped flat guide rails, which can ensure a reasonable gap between the guide rail guide pairs even under heat, and has strong anti-eccentric load capacity.

Functional characteristics


1. The structure adopts a three-beam four-column frame structure, which has good overall rigidity.
2. Strong anti-eccentricity.
3. The power system adopts servo motor control to save energy and reduce noise.
4. The motor runs intermittently, and the total energy saving is about 30%.
5. Reduce noise, noise reduction is about 20%.
6. The temperature of hydraulic oil is low, and the service life of hydraulic oil is prolonged.
7. The volume of the hydraulic station is small.

Product parameters

Hot die forging press
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