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SD series refractory automatic hydraulic press


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SD series refractory automatic hydraulic press

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SD series refractory automatic hydraulic press

Product introduction


Zibo Sander Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.'s SD series refractory automatic hydraulic machine, the introduction of European and American technology is PLC-controlled precision mechanical equipment integrated with electricity, hydraulic, it consists of the hydraulic machine host, feeding system, servo hydraulic pump station , Electrical control system, mold conveyor, etc., can automatically complete the cloth during the pressing process, pressing, demoulding, brick clamping and fuel injection; hydraulic station is driven by servo motor, intermittent work, energy saving, noise reduction, to achieve The safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving production value of "high pressing efficiency, uniform and accurate cloth, high density of brick bodies, and good quality stability" can fundamentally solve the problem of quality fluctuation of refractory products; with high cost performance and high technical content, Advantages, and key technologies such as bi-directional pressure and static pressure molding, lead the industrial revolution of refractory molding equipment.

Functional characteristics


1. Automatic loading using volumetric method, high efficiency, anti-segregation, high precision of closed loop control.
2 The power system adopts servo motor control, which saves energy and reduces noise.
3. The motor runs intermittently, and the total energy saving is about 30%.
4. Reduce noise, noise reduction is about 20%.
5. The temperature of hydraulic oil is low, and the service life of hydraulic oil is prolonged.
6. The volume of the hydraulic station is small.

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