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SD30 direct drive screw press
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SD30 direct drive screw press

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SD30  Direct Drive Screw Press

Functional characteristics


1. Simplify the mechanical structure and reduce mechanical failures.
2. High-speed electrical system, 100M Ethernet, real-time control and monitoring of equipment operating status, precise position control, and rhythm control with manipulators/robots to achieve unmanned production.
3. High performance, high efficiency, controllable consistency of striking energy, extremely high precision, and high product qualification rate;
4. Monitor the position of the strike end to achieve precise control of product thickness.
5. Energy saving and noise reduction: reduce the transmission chain, and the energy saving effect is better. When touching the workpiece, the striking speed can be adjusted to achieve static pressure and reduce environmental noise;
6. Reasonable structure design, good lubricating performance and strong anti-eccentric load capacity, suitable for multi-die forging.
7. It has the functions of lubrication protection and air pressure protection.
8. With remote monitoring function and remote maintenance interface, it can meet customer's operation and maintenance requirements in time.

Application field 


Suitable for die forging, precision pressing, correction, bending, embossing and other processes. It is an ideal precision forging equipment for trains, automobiles, tractors, ships, aviation, hardware tools, medical equipment, tableware and other industries.

Main technical parameters

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