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SZD automatic production line

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Refractory industry applications / SZD automated production line

Equipment principle


The full-automatic refractory molding (weighing method) production line is a complete production line consisting of electric screw presses, automatic spreaders, dimensional weight detectors, and six-axis robots, which can realize weighing and feeding, press molding, brick picking, inspection, inspection, and code The whole process of stacking is automated.

Functional characteristics


According to the characteristics of refractory molding, our company is equipped with automatic feeding and bricking equipment on the basis of SD20 electric program-controlled screw press, and has developed a fully automatic refractory molding equipment-SDZ.

Equipment principle


1. High degree of automation: adopting the mechatronics intelligent controller technology to realize the full automation of the processes such as cloth, forming, and brick making.
2. Only man-machine dialogue control system: required process parameters can be set on the touch screen, intuitive and simple.
3. Equipped with crushing device and feeding and stirring device to effectively solve the problem of material segregation, so as to control the weight of the molded product within the allowable range.
4, weighing method _ feeding: precision soil 30g.

SZD automated production line

Functional characteristics


Realize the integration of taking bricks from the kiln car, detecting, palletizing and packing.

Hydraulic Press

Functional characteristics


Special hydraulic press for nozzle molding, double-sided pressurization, one-time automatic molding, brick ejection, and high core pulling speed.

Energy feedback system of electric screw press

Functional characteristics


1. Realize braking energy recovery and reuse.
2. Improve the efficiency of power use.
3. Energy saving.

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