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SD20A Switched Reluctance Electric Screw Press
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SD20A Switched Reluctance Electric Screw Press

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SD20A  Switched Reluctance Electric Screw Press

Equipment principle


1. Accurate energy control: The stable speed accuracy of the switched reluctance speed control motor is 1 turn, the energy control accuracy of the screw press is 0.2%, and the accuracy of the blow pressure control is 1%.
2.High degree of automation: The program controls the forming process and push-button operation, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and lays a good foundation for the realization of fully automatic connection;
3, high safety: triple brake to ensure that the slider can be braked at any position, equipped with infrared grating protection device, emergency stop button is installed on the operation button box;
4, small starting current: the switched reluctance speed-regulating motor has a soft-start characteristic, which reduces the impact on the power grid;
5, high reliability: the motor rotor structure is strong, can withstand impact loads, locked rotor, phase loss will not burn the controller and motor;

Main technical parameters

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